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main products are Macro fiber,polypropylene fiber,Polypropylene meshfiber,Polyacrylonitrile fiber,Curved Macro fiber-Imitation of steel fiber,Twisted Bundle fiber,Glass fiber,Polyester fibre, Soluble fibers,Polyethylene fiber,Acrylic fiber,Polyvinyl alcohol fiber,Anti-knock fiber,Burn out fiber, Battery fiber,Concrete fiber etc
Company was formed in 2006,factory is located at the foot of the world-famous Mount Tai. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the production precision short cut fiber. Through more than ten years of efforts, the company has developed the minimum 1.5mm precision fiber production line,which fiber cutting length is uniform, no adhesive head, good dispersion, for the domestic initiative. Bangneng precision short cut fibers is widely used as reinforcement in a variety of applications,such as battery, paper making, damping coating, concrete anti-cracking,  refractory, paint, rubber products, friction materials, oil drilling,filtration,friction,and other fields. Bangneng's production capacity of precision fibers reaches 6,000 tons per year. Bangneng  Company is rapidly becoming synonymous within the precision fiber industry.Now the company has attained the quality certification of ISO 9001:2015.Adopted latest technology and installed sophisticated plant and machinery to produce quality goods.Technicians and Operators all have more than 12 years experience in polymer fiber industry,Besides domestic market we also keep long time cooperation with over-seas markets such as America,Canada,Germany,South Korea etc. and are receiving repeated orders due to high quality, prompt services and good dealings as we take our customers requirements most seriously. Bangneng group will respond to the times with the power to give new solutions and will continue to evolve with the times.

  邦能工程材料有限公司  成立于2006年,公司位于闻名天下的泰山脚下。公司自成立以来一直专注于超短纤维的生产及应用,通过十几年的努力,研发出1.5毫米超短纤维精切设备,短切纤维长短均匀,无粘头,分散良好,为国内首创。   邦能精切短纤维广泛应用于蓄电池,耐火材料,混凝土抗裂,阻尼涂料,造纸,油漆,橡胶制品,摩擦材料,石油钻井等领域。邦能公司纤维年生产能力已达6000吨,力争2020年达到10000吨的生产能力。   邦能工程材料有限公司现已通过ISO质量管理体系认证,公司具有完善的质量检测设备,高端纤维材料分析仪,纤维强度测试仪,纤维显微镜测量仪,从产品选料到加工,从产品生产到检测,邦能做到全方位质量跟踪,为客户提供信得过的产品。邦能团队秉承山东人勤劳朴实的作风,始终坚持“以人为本、以产品为本,科技创新,品质第一”的经营理念,以市场为导向,以客户需求为核心,将我们的产品做到精益求精,为客户提供更好的服务。
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